Eclipse Event Power

We provide silent running diesel generators from 4kva - 1500Kva. Here at Eclipse we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our fleet. We understand that every event completely relies on the power.

Timing: The power needs to be on site and ready to use when you need it.

Reliability: The power needs to be reliable, the last thing any event organiser wants is to have all the equipment breakdown half way through the main act!

Fuel Efficient: The equipment needs to be well maintained to ensure you are not overpaying for fuel.

Correct Distribution: The equipment supplied needs to match what it is being used to power.

Road Tow Generators: A Flexible approach.

All of our equipment is road towable and can be delivered to areas with difficult terrain or limited access. If you have an event with a large number of generators which are road tow rather than static this can be advantagious when siting the equipment. They can be delivered and then sited at a time convenient to you. They can also be moved if circumstances change.